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This one was our Halloween video done to Ed's spooky piano instrumental, Dark Night of the Soul.  Haha.  Don't worry-all vampires are doing just fine:) 


                                                                                                                                                          Below, is our latest Music Video. 'Two Kids In the City.'  It is a song for both children and adults.  Both fun and timely, it packs a powerful message. Grownups have a lot to learn from children, especially when it comes to getting along...Hope you enjoy:)



It's July.  We are halfway through the year, and it has been anything but tranquil... Still, we have found new ways to be creative, and for those of us who are well and staying home, it's often been a time of self-discovery.  Even peaceful. Slower-paced. A chance to stop and smell the flowers and tend to our gardens.  So with that, we offer you...Tranquility.  And The Prayer/ A Path to Peace.

As we enter the month of June, during this tumultuous time of change and unrest, with both the Covid-19 virus and now, in addition, protests due to racial injustice...it seemed fitting that we make a video of this song. We hope it will calm you. Because no matter what happens in our lives, one thing is certain- the sun and the moon are always there, always constant.