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November 2023

Happy November! Ed's new release is officially on all streaming sites!!!  This gorgeous Bach piano instrumental has an equally ‘gorgeous’ review. Go check it out under Reviews:)

The mp3 is available for download at our Store, if you want a way to support our music. 

And…shhh…you're hearing this before anyone else- Ed's upcoming brand-new piano album- that's 11 instrumentals- is coming your way… 

And it was JUST finalized- release date- Dec. 1st !!!  It's called “Azure: Portraits of Sadness.” Just in case you need some beautiful music to soothe you this holiday season for whatever reason.

Also, two original holiday songs of ours you've probably heard before, have been officially released for your streaming and/or downloading pleasure. ‘Season of the Light’ for Chanukah, and ‘Christmas is For Children.’ You'll be seeing a lot of promo on the socials, but we wanted you to know here first:)

  And “Night Jam” is officially released! It's on all the socials! Go check that out under Reviews as well:)

We have 7 songs that were selected for the Women of Substance Holiday Podcast Series! Go to Shows to see which ones and when:)

October 2023

And now that our ‘Me and You’ song is available- another sneak peak….Shhhh  A new instrumental was just submitted to CDBaby today by Ed on piano and his percussionist co-writing partner, Kerry Kennard:) 

 It's called ‘Night Jam.’ Latin feel. So cool. Love it!  As soon as it's out, you'll be the first to know:)

As long as we were releasing songs...we decided to give you another sneak peek, this time towards Ed's upcoming piano instrumental album. So...we submitted another song for release- Adagio from the Concerto No. 3 in D minor by J.S. Bach.   It's the first non-original one so far (note the composer:)  Can't wait for it to clear 'officially.' So we'll have two new releases in one month!  For two upcoming albums...


Excited- just clicked on 'Submit for Distribution' for the first Children's Song Single of our upcoming Third Children's CD!  It's in the Inspection Cue of CDBaby. The song is called 'Me and You,' also featured in an upcoming podcast later this month. It's a spirited song of friendship and unity:) Elyse Orecchio, our talented daughter, is partner singing with me on the new release, and Ed both co-wrote and played a zillion instruments on the recording:)  Can't wait till it's 'official!'

UPDATE on “Me and You” - It's ‘officially’ out on all streaming platforms. AND- Go to the REVIEWS Page to see what's already been said about it!!!! So exciting:) Want to download a copy, add it to a playlist? Spread the word?  You can do just that on our Children's Page and also in our Store:) 

 September 2023

We just found out that four of our songs will be featured on the new Women of Substance Music With a Conscience Podcast Series! Here is the info: 

The theme here is 'Change is Coming'

Show# 1508  Wednesday, October 4, 'Windows'- Song#2

Show #1509- Friday, October 6, 'Save a Child'-Song#4


And the theme here is 'Coming Together in Unity'

Show#1511 Wednesday, October 11, 'Me and You'- Song#2


One last theme that includes our songs: 'Protecting the Environment'

Show#1512 Friday, October 13, 'Let a Flower Grow' -Song#3


We were in the recording studio in very early September, and our 'Me and You' song has been re-imagined as a children's song, and the first upcoming Children's Single for our new album, thanks to the partner vocals of our talented daughter, Elyse Orecchio:) As soon as it's ready to go, you'll be the first to know!

 Speaking of the Children's Songs- Want to see one of the pages of our upcoming Children's Music Songbook? Go to our "Blog" The first page of "Feelings, Feelings, Feelings,' is there!

August 2023

We just completed performance number 7 of our public library children's shows! So wonderful:)

And...not one, but TWO new instrumentals are being released this month- and you can get a listen and a chance to download them right now! 

One is out as of today, Ed's Nothing But Time, a reflective solo piano instrumental. The second, with talented percussionist/composer Kerry Kennard, is slated for release on the 31st. Check out the STORE page, to hear. We hope you love them both, and save, download, and share them to all of your friends and family:)

June/July 2023

Does shoulder tendonitis get Ed down? Well, it's only temporary. In the meantime, although he needs to take an instrument playing break,  we're going to the recording studio to mix and master already recorded new piano instrumentals. A new CD is in the making; a single or two will proceed the full album. We'll let you know as SOON as we release the new music!

We have 3 more Queens library gigs coming up in August. By then he should hopefully be fine.

And...we are collaborating with talented Kerry Kennard, percussionist, composer and arranger. Could another project with piano and percussion be happening in the not-so-distant future? It sure could! We'll let you know more about that too, as we go.                                     

May 2023

Four of our Mother's day songs have been selected for a Mother's Day podcast series. 

We are also doing 3 Children's Public Library Performances. 

Check Shows for Details to both:)