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Latest, latest News!!!

Happy April!  Our latest Children's song, ‘What Should We Do On A Rainy Day’ is out and about on all streaming sites, and for you to download at our Store:) And…our new 'A Mother's Love: Reimagined' song is officially released as well. We added a few new musical elements, and now it will be there for the world to see:) You can find it also at our Store and everywhere online. 

And…I just pressed “Submit for Distribution” for a 6-song EP Mother's Day album!!!   It will be available for pre-order on April 26th, and available everywhere on May 3rd. Plenty of time to purchase for your mom, your children's mom, or other special women in your life who acted like a mom to you. We'll let you know when it's available in the Store:)

Before the month of March is over- Two announcements!  First, as of Saturday, March 30th, a new Children's Song for our upcoming Children's CD is being released- What Should We Do On A Rainy Day? Fun and packed with great ideas:)

Then on April 5th, that reimagined Mother's Day single song we told you about? It came out great in the studio- And we're preparing for a 6-song EP in time for this Mother's Day:) And a video for Mother's Day is on its way too….

Latest, Latest News!!!

Happy March!  Very exciting- Ed and I are going to the studio tomorrow to do a remix of our song 'A Mother's Love.' I'm adding some new vocal harmonies and a piano part! Can't wait- then we're releasing it as a single, and planning on a brand-new Mother's Day EP! It should all be released in time for Mother's Day in May:) We're leaving up our Mother's Day Songs page for a limited time- after which it will be taken down and be for sale as an EP, including the songs that are there plus an instrumental of Ed's which is a beautiful tribute to his late mom.  We'll keep you posted!


End of February 2024- It's out!!!! Go to our STORE and download a copy of our newest Children's Single, 

“Be My Friend.”  And check out the glowing review under REVIEWS!!!!


February 2024

Happy February! It's only just begun and already so much has happened! We want you to hear it first! The recording at the studio went really well, and we have a new upcoming Children's song single about to be released,  slated for February 9th!  Elyse is partner singing on it with me, she sounds WONDERFUL, Ed is playing guitar, and there are bass and drums on it as well. All sound amazing!

It's called, “Be My Friend,” just in time for the kiddies to exchange Be My Valentine cards, 'Bee' Mine, I LUV U candies, and now a new song. It's a song of friendship and unity. Delightful. Meaningful. Positive values. Educational. Watch for it next Friday on Amazon for download, plus on all your favorite streaming sites. Include it in your playlists to play at your kid's Valentine party. Let them sing along:)

If you don't do social media, email me for a free link.  I'll be happy to send you one, and I'll know that it's being heard and appreciated:)

Speaking of Valentine's Day month and love songs…Ed and I have a new single out of our own. It's already on this site, called “You Bring Me Peace.” We decided to go ahead and release it officially. So now it's available for download, streaming, etc. You can find it at our STORE, if you want to download it there. It's a beautiful tender intimate love song that is very special to Ed and me. Check it out if you haven't heard it yet. Or even if you have. 

Seven of our grownup love songs will be featured once again on the Women of Substance Radio Valentines Day series. Check out our SHOWS page to see which one is up first. It starts on Feb. 5, Monday and runs right through Feb. 14, Valentine's Day. 

I'm still working on creating my Children's Songbooks. Ed has many of his instrumentals transcribed as well. I'm planning on creating an entire page here on this site of Sheet Music, to showcase and/or sell. We value our work, and believe it deserves this:) 

And that way, if there is a special song of ours you love, now you can try playing it yourself!




January 2024

Happy New Year! Ed and Kerry Kennard have released their third single, and it's amazing! It's called 

“Strange City." And it is certainly strange. Wonderful strange.  A combination of piano and percussion. But so much more.

 Check out the NEW REVIEW under our REVIEWS page. Go to our STORE and download a copy. It's really COOL:)

Ed and I plan to go to the recording studio to add other vocals, bass and percussion for the upcoming latest Children's song album. The third one! Stay tuned. Daughter Elyse is slated to come in and partner and/or solo sing, and maybe we can even get granddaughter Melody to join us for a song or two. They were so much part of “Make a Happy Face.”  I would love history to repeat itself. 

(By the way, “Make a Happy Face” is now in circulation in more than 200 Public Library branches throughout the country, and even in Canada and the UK! )

All of our music is generating income by way of album sales, downloads and streaming. If you want to support our music, you can always purchase a song or two, or even a whole album. We still love you even if you just listen:)

December 2023

Happy December! Our songs are featured on the Holiday Themed Podcast Series of Women of Substance Radio - Go to our SHOWS page to check it out. Ed and Collaborator/Percussionist Kerry Kennard are in the process of releasing yet another single next month- stay tuned!


November 2023

Happy November! Ed's new release is officially on all streaming sites!!!  This gorgeous Bach piano instrumental has an equally ‘gorgeous’ review. Go check it out under Reviews:)

The mp3 is available for download at our Store, if you want a way to support our music. 

And…shhh…you're hearing this before anyone else- Ed's upcoming brand-new piano album- that's 11 instrumentals- is coming your way… 

And it was JUST finalized- release date- Dec. 1st !!!  It's called “Azure: Portraits of Sadness.” Just in case you need some beautiful music to soothe you this holiday season for whatever reason.

Also, two original holiday songs of ours you've probably heard before, have been officially released for your streaming and/or downloading pleasure. ‘Season of the Light’ for Chanukah, and ‘Christmas is For Children.’ You'll be seeing a lot of promo on the socials, but we wanted you to know here first:)

  And “Night Jam” is officially released! It's on all the socials! Go check that out under Reviews as well:)

We have 7 songs that were selected for the Women of Substance Holiday Podcast Series! Go to Shows to see which ones and when:)

October 2023

And now that our ‘Me and You’ song is available- another sneak peak….Shhhh  A new instrumental was just submitted to CDBaby today by Ed on piano and his percussionist co-writing partner, Kerry Kennard:) 

 It's called ‘Night Jam.’ Latin feel. So cool. Love it!  As soon as it's out, you'll be the first to know:)

As long as we were releasing songs...we decided to give you another sneak peek, this time towards Ed's upcoming piano instrumental album. So...we submitted another song for release- Adagio from the Concerto No. 3 in D minor by J.S. Bach.   It's the first non-original one so far (note the composer:)  Can't wait for it to clear 'officially.' So we'll have two new releases in one month!  For two upcoming albums...