July 11, 2018 

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I highly recommend this album! 'Windows' Album has SO MANY great songs! Ed and Carol Nicodemi are an incredible duo from NYC with such a vast amount of musical experience and expertise that flows through them effortlessly. They bring their talents together nicely with Carol shining on vocals and Ed performing all the beautiful instrumentation - guitar, keys, etc. I love the two-part harmonies that I hear them sing periodically. Their songwriting is from the heart and you will be touched by songs with inspiring and thought-provoking messages. Lots of albums have one or two great songs, yet 'Windows' has THE MAJORITY OF SONGS as great songs. My favorites are: 1. the title track, Windows, which is most inspiring, has a wonderful melodic tune and great lyrics; 3. Hasta LaVista, My Baby, which seems like it should be on repeat in many places; 4. Ordinary Joe, in which the lyrics will vividly bring to mind the scenes and settings in the life of the person whom this song is written about; 6. Island Treasure, which conjures up images of tropical islands, vacation time and fun away from the routines of life; perfect for summertime 7. Save A Child, which is one of my top favorites as it talks about the reality of how difficult the lives are of some children in the world and what we can do to change that reality in the life of a child. This song made me shed a tear and so inspiring. This song needs to be heard by many! 9. A Mother's Love, which is written from a heart of love by a mother and for mothers everywhere; and 10. Let A Flower Grow, which seems to be written from experience of living in NYC and the call to action to live a different way. Again, I hope you will purchase this album, 'Windows', as you will be touched, inspired and changed! Go get 'Windows' now. You'll be glad you did!

Beth Matthew


Administrator on the Review Board of 'Women of Substance' Internet Radio Podcast

Windows CD Review

2017- Review

2017- Review

We are Ed and Carol Nicodemi, and we are passionate about doing music that moves us, and sharing that amazing feeling with other people.

  Kathy Parsons, renowned pianist, teacher, reviewer and sheet music proofreader at MainlyPiano.com, said this of Ed and Carol Nicodemi, after their performance at her home in Florence, Oregon:

Ed and Carol Nicodemi’s Concert: On July 29th, Ed and Carol Nicodemi traveled from New York City to perform in concert with us. It was their first time in Oregon and I am honored that they chose to perform their Oregon debut here in Florence! Ed has released several solo piano albums under his full name - Edmond Paul Nicodemi. His wife, Carol, is a singer/songwriter and they have also released several albums of original folk music and jazz as a duo. It was a varied concert and a lot of fun!


Mark Maxwell Abushady, a music reviewer at Creations Magazine, had this to say about our jazzy CD, "Here's To The Night"
" Intimate, cocktail lounge music...we forget how enjoyable this music can be, but singer Carol Nicodemi and partner, jazz instrumentalist Edmond Paul Nicodemi, remind us!"



And with regard to a live performance at Barnes and Noble, Gina Lockwood-Sheehan, Community Relations Manager said:
"The dynamic duo thrilled the audience with the 7-string guitar and TV broadcasted piano and jazz vocals from their many CDs....Besides being talented musicians, Ed and Carol are wonderful people to work with!"



Our genre is an eclectic mix of folk and jazz, with a sprinkling of ambient piano. Add to that, an original Children's CD, and you have some idea of who we are, and what we do.  

Right at this moment, Ed and I are coming round full circle, with a new and upcoming all original folk song cd just in time for the 60's revival! Back to those years sitting on the lawn outside of the music building, where we met at Queens College, when he played his guitar and I sang:)

Feel free to contact us, at epnsong@gmail.com or carolnicodemi@gmail.com. Please sign up for our mailing list and we'll let you know how the new cd is progressing, and when the release date is. Ask us any questions you have about our music.  We're always available for bookings!


Songs For a Christmas Night 

Ed and Carol Nicodemi 

 Theo Jack Music 

33 minutes 

Songs For a Christmas Night by Ed and Carol Nicodemi is a collection of eleven jazzy Christmas vocals (Carol) with seven-string guitar accompaniment (Ed); three original songs are included in the mix. Carol Nicodemi is an accomplished vocalist with a clear, earthy voice that expresses sincerity with a total lack of pretense. Ed Nicodemi has recorded several piano albums and one classical guitar album as Edmund Paul Nicodemi, and the duo has recorded five albums together. One of the things I really like about this album is the intimacy and simplicity of the vocals and almost minimalistic guitar. That approach really highlights the beauty of the melodies, the poetry of the lyrics and the warmth of Carol’s voice. Although most of these songs are very familiar, they aren’t the songs that everyone sings at this time of year. They are of a more romantic nature and emphasize the emotions that the holiday season brings to the surface. 

The album opens with “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” It’s one of the more upbeat tracks yet has a slightly bittersweet tinge - very nice! “Seems Like Old Times” was originally recorded in 1945 and was sung by Diane Keaton in the film Annie Hall. Carol makes it her own. “Just Like Christmastime” is the first of the original songs - Carol wrote the lyrics and Ed wrote the music. It is a love song to a lost love, reminiscing about the good times of the past. “Blue Monk / Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” is a lot of fun and very likely to bring a big smile. “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” is soulful, nostalgic and sad - a great arrangement! Ed wrote the hopeful yet lonely “Missing You At Christmas,” a beautiful ballad that overflows with love. “One December Moon” was also composed by the duo and recalls a marriage proposal on Christmas Eve years ago and how love has grown and deepened through the seasons. “Song For a Winter’s Night” by Gordon Lightfoot was a happy surprise. Lightfoot recorded two versions of this wonderful song in 1967 and 1975, but it is just as meaningful now. This song has more of a folk feeling, but fits right in with the other songs. The album closes with a sweet arrangement of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” 

Songs For a Christmas Night is a delightful collection of songs of the season and should bring warm, sentimental feelings to many listeners. It is available from Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby. Recommended! 

Kathy Parsons