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Back from the Taxi Music Road Rally, and boy, was it fun! Lots of networking, song collaboration, performing... We finally got to meet Bree Noble, CEO of the Women of Substance Internet Radio Podcast on which we are often featured! And had the chance to hang out with other talented ladies in the Female Musician Academy as well:) It was so warm and beautiful in LA...Now we're back in NYC and it's freezing!! 

Which brings to mind.....It's not too early to share our CD's, both digital and hard copy (just go to our store)   There's something there for everyone on your holiday list. Seriously. Check it out. Vocal and guitar. Folk.  Jazz. Relaxing and emotional piano instrumentals. Our children's CD. Just click on Store, and have fun shopping!!!

Who wants to wait on long lines?

Not me- lol:)

It's November, and we have a bunch of amazing plans! First, we're headed to LA, for the Taxi Music Road Rally. We can't wait! We'll be performing, networking and meeting up with wonderful musicians, songwriters, composers, producers, recording engineers and film-score directors! When we return, we'll be preparing for a holiday concert for a highly prestigious organization, and then, at the end of the month, we will perform another holiday program, this time for the very young children of the North Bellmore Library. And we're booked for another school holiday program in December! Some of our newest songs have been featured on the WOS Radio Podcast Series, Music With a Conscience, spearheaded by Bree Noble. (We're excited to finally meet her, she'll be at the same music conference) 

Hi- Happy October-come join us!  As you scroll downward, you'll get a little taste of the music we do!  We write and perform both original and well-known Children's and Folk-Jazz music, as well as the favorite tunes of Broadway, Bossa Nova and The Great American Songbook.  And last but certainly not least-there's Ed's beautiful and original film-score piano instrumentals. Buzz around our website and get to know us better:)  Once you're on our mailing list, you'll get the inside scoop about what we are up to next, and so much more. Need music for your event? Let us know!  Just want to listen? That's wonderful too.  So be sure to sign up!

Happy Birthday this month to our amazing daughter, Elyse!

And here's a song to make you smile, no matter how old you are-

Happy Autumn:)