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As we get ready to move into May of 2020, Ed and I look forward to the hope of some kind of back to almost normal in the not too distant future. But we'll stay masked and 6-feet away from people for as long as it takes to end this virus. The more we all work together, the greater the chances for that to happen. And so we present our latest Nicodemi Soundtrack YouTube Channel video. "Windows"

April is just about over. I celebrated my birthday this year in quarantine, this Covid-19 situation still looming large in New York City. On the bright side, I heard and communicated with many friends and family via Zoom, Facebook, Messenger and by actually speaking on the phone. lol  Our children and grandchildren paid me a 'socially distant' birthday visit:) Ed and I have been busy recording home videos of new original song material, and posting them on Facebook, Twitter and on my personal Carol Nicodemi YouTube page.  The two new songs, 'New Normal' and 'Above the Mask' are as you may have already figured out, related to our current situation. I will be including the links to them free when you sign up for our newsletter. 

March has been a difficult month, to say the least.  Ed and I have been practicing  Social Distancing, just like everyone else.  We go for walks to the park, play our music, and we're trying to keep safe and healthy. I wrote a song called "Social Distance," we videotaped it at home (voice and guitar), and put it up on Facebook. If you are not on Facebook, and want to hear it, sign up for our mailing list and I will send you the link:) If you are already on our mailing list,  you received the song as part of our monthly newsletter.


Below, is a video we just released today, Ed's piano instrumental, "Untouched."   We hope you are safe and staying home, like we are, taking care of yourselves and each other. We're gonna beat this thing...


                                                         We hope you enjoy our newest love song video.

                                         It's a classic standard with me singing and Ed playing 7-string guitar. 

                                            This piano instrumental is SO beautiful.  We hope you love it:)