Winter of 2023- Looks promising so far. An ASCAP Plus Cash Award for me in the category of Children's Music, a great review of Ed's beautiful Quiet Mind CD. 3 Songs of ours featured on a Valentines Day Podcast Series. And later in February, we'll be in sunny California, attending the Durango Songwriter's Expo! We'll keep you posted.

Our Fall was composed of a much needed wedding anniversery trip to Hawaii, our first ever! 

And we attended the Taxi Music Road Rally-so amazing. Made lots of connections, had one song taken for possible placement. The music industry is complicated, you're always waiting to hear back...

Our Summer was FILLED with doing wonderful performances for the public libraries, to aid in the reinforcement with the summer reading program. We've been in the studio, recording new songs as well:)

Happy Spring! It's been crazy busy, we've both been writing songs, composing-  (Our Latest News has more info, new videos are up on the site- feel free to browse through to find out more:) 

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy all-the-Winter-Holidays-We've been so busy- the new Children's CD, Make a Happy Face, has been officially released! It is selling briskly on Barnes & Noble. com, Amazon, and everywhere online! It already has a bunch of 5-STAR REVIEWS!  Public libraries are starting to purchase copies through our home borough of Queens, NYC, via Midwest Tapes. After the Queens libraries, we will be contacting the other boroughs of NY- Brooklyn, Staten Island, Bronx, then Nassau and Suffolk County, Westchester...We want to make the CD available to as many children as possible:)

We have been in the studio recording new songs, Ed has written some new pieces, and he's back to playing and composing for classical guitar! And acoustic guitar, too:) I wouldn't be surprised if a couple of them were recorded in the not- too -distant future. (You heard it here first!)

And...shhhhh...a new HOLIDAY VIDEO is in progress. You should see that out and about hopefully soon:) 

Hi again!  We have recorded a bunch of videos, both at home on our cell phone and also professionally, (and safely). One of them we're very excited about is our 'Windows' video. 'Windows' is the title track of our Folk Cd, available in the Store. The song gives hope to our world, amidst hunger, war, and poverty. More than 3000 people have viewed it so far, on YouTube, from all around the world, in the short time it's been up. It's already on this site, and also on our Nicodemi Soundtrack YouTube Channel. Watch it again-  That would make us very happy!

And speaking of happy- here's another video that's in the 3500 or more views range- it's adorable! I guess with all that's been going on, we search for something funny and sweet that will take us away from it all for a few minutes. And this video does exactly that. A great combo of music, love, and animals. How can you go wrong? Have another listen, it will make you smile. Promise:) 'Music, Music, Music.'

Hi! It's been a while, sorry about that, life got in the way. Since September, so much has happened. You'll find it all on the main page of our site, and also as part of other pages on our website. 

We had the Winter holidays, (in NY, there wasn't very much Winter at all), the ushering in of 2020, with the New Year, Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day. and now... this Coronavirus that has hit everywhere around the world. We, like many other performing musicians, had many gigs cancelled, or postponed. So we have been in our little cocoon of song, and writing new music at home. Making videos. Trying to learn more about going live online. Enjoying nature. Working our best to stay safe and healthy. 

We sincerely hope that you are feeling well. This too shall pass...

The Summer flew by so fast- where did it go? Now it's September, with Back-to-School and that feeling of Fall starting to creep into the air.  The days have already gotten shorter...Well. It's actually off to a great start for us. We got back from the DIY CDBaby Conference in Austin, Texas full of new ideas, having met-up with wonderful musicians, shared our music, written a new song, and made new friends! Great experience:) And in between, we've been writing more songs and instrumentals, performing, and we'll be back to record and perform yet again in the upcoming weeks. Then we're off to The Children's Music Network Conference in Scottsdale,Arizona, to do more of the same thing, only, this time with our Children's Music.  Life certainly isn't boring!