I've been studying watercolor painting as another means of creative expression. It's so fulfilling.  And so I am moved to share our Monet's Garden song:) We know you will love it as much as we do!

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We're on our way to The Children's Music Network Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona- can't wait!! We've written lots of new children's songs and we will share and network them. It's supposed to be so beautiful where we are staying, like a retreat for musicians...so perfect. I'll let you know how it went when we get back:)

When I was little, no one ever talked about feelings. You were supposed to just act like a grownup. And not let your feelings show... But everyone has feelings. Children have them. And grownups do too. In this cheerful, adorable little animation, you can address those feelings that are all yours. And all normal. Please share with the children in your life. Or the little child in you:)

Did you ever have an imaginary pet when you were little? Follow the adventures of the children playing,  in the animation of our activity song "It Goes This Way," and you will be transported back to the very best parts of your childhood. Who knew following directions and pretending could be this much fun?  (On to project number 3:) Thanks again, Tommy Cha:)

Ed and I are very excited. We found an amazing 2D cartoon animator for our Children's songs! His name is Tommy Cha. And we are thrilled after seeing how he transformed the music into animation. We love what he's done with our "I'm Glad I'm Not a Monkey" song about self-esteem. More to come!

I had such a wonderful time filming this video of our Autumn Song. To watch the little 'tree fairies' change the colors of the leaves is absolutely delightful. Come and join in this magical fantasy-all you need is your imagination...:)