Did you ever pretend to be a character from one of your favorite stories? You can again- Good night, little ones...

Did you ever play dress-up as a child with your best friend and pretend to be twins? Did you ever match outfits with your mom, or sister, or brother? Are you or someone you know a twin? Either way- Have fun watching...it's really cute:) And please share!

We love it and hope you will too! A lively song of friendship and peace:)

It's HERE!!!! Our latest Children's Album:) "Make a Happy Face," - in both digital and physical copy format,  available for purchase at our Store right here on our website:)  Purchase one for a child you love:) Contact me at carolnicodemi@gmail.com to get yours personalized at no extra cost:)

Would you believe that this song, Do Like the Animals Do, lead vocals sung by Elyse Orecchio, has exceeded 84,219 views on our Nicodemi Soundtrack YouTube Channel? And still climbing:) Don't forget to vote for us in the Funky Kids Radio Awards!!! Both the song and animation are entered. As well as 3 more songs, and of course, the album as a whole. 

We need your votes. Pretty please:)


This animation, Dance All Over the Map, has more than 4,000 views on our Nicodemi Soundtrack YouTube Channel!  Can you watch please, to help us exceed that number? And don't forget to vote for us in the Funky Kids Radio awards. Dance All Over the Map is entered under animations, as well as under the song itself. 

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