Me and You

Carol Nicodemi

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A lively song of friendship and unity:)

(And check out my talented partner vocalist- Elyse Orecchio!)

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Our props are in place...

And we're ready!

Ed and I are thrilled to once again this year share our Make a Happy Face Tour 2023 throughout the borough of Queens, NY! The children always love it, as do their caregivers:) And we're enhancing the Public Library's Summer Reading Program. That is a great feeling!

Hooray- We had our 'first-in-over-two-years-in-person children's performance,' Saturday afternoon, June 11, 1PM, at the Verona Public Library in New Jersey. So much fun!  And THEN we had such a great time presenting our music program at 4 Queens Libraries!  One more scheduled for August! Check out our Shows page:)

It was such a fun event for children and families:)

And there we are, on August 9th- So much fun:)

Did you ever pretend to be a character from one of your favorite stories? You can again- Good night, little ones...