1. Your Own Star
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Your Own Star

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Your Own Star

I can see it in your eyes
Your future in one glance
Once I sang you lullabies
Now you have your own chance
Life is waiting for you, a wide open space
Take the time to know who you are-
Cling to the love of the dream you embrace
And you’ll find your own star.

I was young once, I was you
My daughter, my dear friend
Every dream I never knew
Through your eyes lives again.
I learned that security comes at a cost
Took the safe way out- life was hard
That won’t be you- no, your dreams won’t get lost
Go and find your own star.
I can see the past unwind
From ragdolls to riches.
Not afraid to speak your mind
So brave and so fearless
Nothing seems to stop you, you’re focused and sure
Your daughter will be strong just like you are

With each passing day, know I’m proud of you more
Go and find your own star.

©Lyrics- Carol Nicodemi
Music- Ed Nicodemi