The Piano Music 

Ed has been playing the piano since he was a child learning at the Brooklyn Conservatory in NYC. Because it was his first instrument, it comes as easily to him as breathing. He has created several cds, all online, utilizing his love of piano in the genre of ambient-new age music. Some of the pieces are piano solo, some have lush strings. He's had his music placed on The Today Show, Dateline NBC, and even in the movie, Fully Loaded. I am lucky enough to hear him practicing as I do my daily chores, inspiring me to sing along. Several beautiful songs began that way. :)

He played an incredible house concert of his piano instrumentals, for the prestigious Kathy Parsons, in Florence, Oregon. I joined him, singing, on several original songs appropriate for the occasion.

Ed's piano instrumental music is currently available and soon-to-be available, in solo piano form, as well as in collaboration with either cello or percussion.  New songs are currently being released, and albums planned as we speak!

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