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Happy August! Birthday shout-outs this month to my dear husband/music partner Ed, to our amazing, kind and hard-working grandson Theo, who didn't let remote learning stop him from getting an average in the 90's! (as a high school junior-soon-to-be senior), to Joe (our son-in-law and talented photographer/videographer extraordinaire,) to Gloria, (our daughter-in-law and brilliant science educator) to Joanne, Joe's mom and thriving real estate broker.

Ed and I have been busy with our music. He and I, both separately and together, have been writing new songs, and he has, in addition, composed several new, beautiful piano instrumentals. I purchased a new microphone stand and cell-phone tripod, and have begun making higher quality home videos. I have been sharing some of those videos on Facebook, but if you are not on there, let me know and I will send you the most recent ones.

We have been in touch with our recording engineer, and working remotely with him, and a percussionist. This is adding so much to songs previously recorded, but not completed, in terms of musical production. They're coming out great, and are almost done! A new children's CD is on the horizon, starting out with a few single releases, in digital download form. We found an amazing cellist, who is adding lovely string sounds to our ballads.

Below, is our latest Music Video. 'Two Kids In the City.'  It is a song for both children and adults.  Both fun and timely, it packs a powerful message. Grownups have a lot to learn from children, especially when it comes to getting along...Hope you enjoy:)



It's July.  We are halfway through the year, and it has been anything but tranquil... Still, we have found new ways to be creative, and for those of us who are well and staying home, it's often been a time of self-discovery.  Even peaceful. Slower-paced. A chance to stop and smell the flowers and tend to our gardens.  So with that, we offer you...Tranquility.  And The Prayer/ A Path to Peace.

As we enter the month of June, during this tumultuous time of change and unrest, with both the Covid-19 virus and now, in addition, protests due to racial injustice...it seemed fitting that we make a video of this song. We hope it will calm you. Because no matter what happens in our lives, one thing is certain- the sun and the moon are always there, always constant. 

Our beautiful granddaughter Melody turns 12 this month... and that's something special to celebrate:)

As we get ready to move into May of 2020, Ed and I look forward to the hope of some kind of back to almost normal in the not too distant future. But we'll stay masked and 6-feet away from people for as long as it takes to end this virus. The more we all work together, the greater the chances for that to happen. And so we present our latest Nicodemi Soundtrack YouTube Channel video. "Windows"

Happy double-digits 10th birthday to our wonderful grandson Tyler during this month. We love you:)