1. Storyland

From the recording Make a Happy Face

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What child doesn't love a great bedtime story? Let your imagination go as you hear this song.
Vocals: Carol Nicodemi
Percussion: Max Maples
All other instrumentation: Ed Nicodemi
Recorded and produced by Tom Gardner, at Rift Studios, Brooklyn, NY



It's bedtime now so please read to me
And change your voice, 'cause I need to see
The characters as they're meant to be-
Here in Storyland.

Which one to start, so many to choose
There's Jack and Jill from Old Mother Goose
And Mary found her lamb in school
Here in Storyland.

My imagination is a part of me-
When Storytime is over, I'll be dreaming. ..

In Goldilocks, the 3 little bears
Have small and large and middle-sized chairs
One feels just right for all of her cares
Here in Storyland

But don't go off into the woods
Just look at poor Red Riding Hood
The wolf thought that she tasted good (uh-oh)
Here in Storyland

My imagination is a part of me-
When Storytime is over, I'll be dreaming

I love pretend and if I dare
I'm Peter Pan, I fly through the air
And in my mind I go everywhere
Here in Storyland.

Can I please have my teddy bear?
My favorite one is on that chair
I close my eyes and I am there-
Spoken 'Goodnight'-
Here in Storyland.

(c) Ed and Carol Nicodemi