From the recording Make a Happy Face

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A young ballet student sings about the magic of learning classical dance.
Vocals: Elyse Orecchio
Piano: Ed Nicodemi
Cello- Rachel Gawell
Recorded and produced by Tom Gardner, at Rift Studios, Brooklyn, NY


I Love To Dance Ballet

First position first
I practice every day
I'm way up on my tippy toes
I love to dance ballet!

A princess or a prince
A swan with each plies
I'm dressed up in my fancy clothes
I love to dance ballet!

The music makes a special sound
I close my eyes and spin around. ..

Spoken ' now you try' and 'dance with me'
(Piano interlude)

Repeat bridge and verse 1 (spoken 'take a bow')
I love to dance
I love to dance
I love to dance ballet!

© Ed and Carol Nicodemi