From the recording Make a Happy Face

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The lyrics are about a child who is having trouble concentrating in class because his/her imagination is taking him/her all over the world, dancing to the music and rhythms bursting from within his/her own head.
Vocals: Carol Nicodemi
Flute, guitar and bass: Ed Nicodemi
Percussion: Max Maples
Recorded and produced by Tom Gardner, at Rift Studios, Brooklyn, NY.


Dance All Over The Map –

My feet gotta move, my hands gotta clap
My feet gotta move, my hands gotta clap
My fingers keep snappin’, my toes wanna tap
Wanna dance all over the map! (2X)

My teacher is talking, I know that she’s great
I’m trying so hard to just concentrate
My body keeps moving, I can’t make it stop
I wanna spin around like a top!

I’ll dance in NY, I’ll dance in LA
I’ll dance through Chicago, it’s right on the way
I’ll move on to China, then Egypt and France
Just watch how far I can dance!

Chorus: My feet gotta move….etc.
Bridge: The music is inside of me
The rhythm’s right in my feet
I’m so filled with energy-
And all I hear is the beat…

Chorus: My feet gotta move… (2x- then
Gonna dance, gonna dance all over the map...

© Ed and Carol Nicodemi